Springield Armory XDm Pistols

Following the introduction of the XD line of pistols by Springfield Armory both the average shooter and expert alike raved over the guns again and again each time the company release a new version of the pistol. Having accomplished the goal of being the strong contender to Glock in the polymer pistol market, the company could have rested on its laurels...but it didn't.

The original XD was a clone of the original HS2000 with little changes made to the gun other than logos stamped into the pistol's surface. Springfield Armory had yet assign its design team to the task of improving the platform in a fundamental way. This, however, would soon change. After the introduction of the XDM-45 in 2006, the company began working on a top-secret project the intention of which was to completely re-design the XD platform.

The result is the XDm line of pistols. The (M) stands for “more”. “More of what?” you might say. Well, more of everything.

The first thing you'll notice about XDm pistols is that they have a slightly larger and longer grip. This works to increase the magazine capacity of the gun significantly. The 9mm version of the gun goes from 15 rounds on the original XD to 19 rounds on the XDm. The .40 S&W version increases from 12 shots to 16 shots. Only the .45 ACP version of the pistol has the same magazine capacity as its predecessor.

(M) also stands for “Match Grade” as each XDm pistol receives a match grade barrel which, on the service model, is a bit longer than the 4” XD-9. Low-profile combat sights come standard, the forged steel slide gets a a facelift with new (M)ajor Grasp slide serrations on the front and rear of the pistol. The slide also get a (M)elonite hardcoat corrosion-resistant finish. Accuracy is enhance started at the trigger of the gun which is of the (M)inimal reset variety and providing the shortest travel of any polymer pistol available at the time of introduction.

Springfield Armory has always marketed their XD pistols heavily on the basis that they are ergonomically superior and serve as a natural extension of the hand. This is enhance in their XDm guns as they upgraded the grip itself to the (M)ega-Lock texture which keeps the gun seated firmly in the shooters hand. The interchangeable (M)ould-Through backstraps allow the gun to b easily adjusted to fit the hands of different sized shooters as well.

Shooters accessorizing their guns with laser sights and flashlights has become commonplace and the XDm pistol includes a (M)ulti-Adjust rail system that works with all add-ons which use the Picatinny rails system.

Springfield Armory would have you believe that their XDm pistols represent a significant improvement over the original. The jury is still out on whether it is or not. Read a few of the reviews below to get a feel for what real-world shooters are saying about these guns...or better yet, go shoot one yourself and then come back and write a review of your own.