Mat Del Fatti's SR shoulder holster system is considered by many owners to be head and shoulders above the competition. It tends to be expensive, but most people these days know that anything of quality comes with a higher price.

This type of shoulder holster is generally referred to as a horizontal rig. In most photos it does appears to hold the handgun in a parallel plane to the floor. This is due in part to the fact that most pictures do not show the holster being worn, but instead show it alone. In reality, the SR positions both the holster itself and the strong-side magazine carrier at an angle so that the front of the holster and mag carrier ride lower than the rear.

The effect of this up-and-back cant is that the handgun is given a more natural flow when drawn from the shoulder holster. Another benefit is that the pistol is not pointing directly that passengers that are sitting behind you in a vehicle while driving, but instead the trajectory of any round that was accidentally discharged would angle sharply up and through the roof the the vehicle in most situations.

The SR shoulder holster holster features a traditional thumb break retaining strap that is standard with most shoulder holster designs and ensures proper retention of the handgun when running, bending, lifting or performing otherwise vigorous tasks. The holster is made from top-grain leather and is available in black and tan variations.

Reviews of the premium Del Fatti SR shoulder holster are found below. If you have had the chance to use one of these before please write a review yourself to share your experience and let others know if they will be getting value for their dollar should they consider buying one as well.