While the majority of the design team over at Blackhawk! Holsters is focused on developing their line of SERPA holsters, the company also produces a few standard injection-molded belt holsters sans the enhanced SERPA features.

The Carbon Fiber CQC Holster is one of these more traditional belt holster systems. It is lightweight and because it is made from one of the strongest, most advanced materials available for holster production, it is super long-lasting.

This belt holster utilizes a tension screw that engages the passive retention system integrated into the trigger-guard side of the holster. A drop-cut front also facilitates faster presentation of the handgun when drawn. The CQC can be ordered from Blackhawk! in either a belt holster or paddle holster configuration.

The holster is available in either a standard matte black or a black/carbon fiber color scheme. They are produced primarily for the most popular duty pistols so not everyone will find that there is a CQC for their particular gun. Supported frame sizes include the Glock, Baby Glock, 1911, SIG, Beretta, XD and H&K USP. Right or left handed designs are available.

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Reviews of the Blackhawk! CQC belt holster are below. Separate review sets are available for the retention enhanced SERPA CQC as well. Feel free to write a review of your own about this holster's performance, durability, and value if you've had the chance to use it yourself in the past.