The Sto-N-Go is an extremely affordable concealed carry IWB holster. It is a member of the Concealed Carry Lite line of holsters which are all focused on bringing comfort and performance without excessive cost.

This IWB holster allows for a fast draw because of it's open top design. There are no straps or other retention devices to get in the way and increased speed is the result. For those who feel that the less a gun has to rotate, the faster it can engage the target, the handgun is carried in a vertical orientation with no cant.

The mouth of the holster is reinforced to provide the same ease of reholstering that comes standard on more expensive custom holsters. The holster is secured to the belt by a high-strength injection-molded nylon clip.

Versatility is built into this IWB holster as well. Because the Stow-N-Go is a straight drop holster, it can be carried in crossdraw or appendix carry in addition to the standard strong side carry.

The holster is constructed from Galco's Steerhide synthetic leather. This works to save on cost while at the same time providing a durable and lasting product. The holster can work with belts up to 1 3/4" in width. Currently, the holster is only made for right handed shooters. Most automatic pistols can be carried in the holster but the company recommends that only double-action only revolvers be carried with this type of IWB holster.

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