The M12 hip holster is the most widely distributed holster in the the western world. The addition of a extension strap transforms it into a full-blown tactical holster with ease. One fault with this setup though, is the fact that it is designed to be used with the M9 service pistol. A lot of military and police special forces units use other pistols which are not matched to the M12.

This is where Bianchi steps in with their Tac Holster. This tactical holster is built on the foundation of the M12 but made to match with multiple pistols. It also incorporates a series of upgrades that make the holster more functional.

The Bianchi Tac Holster features a plastic trigger guard that protects and stabilizes the trigger guard for improved retention with newer pistols. It incorporates Bianchi's Quick-Lock clip system that enables the holster to easily be attached to any MOLLE military gear as well as any standard belt up to 2.25" in width. The Tac Holster is constructed of trilaminate weave which is weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

As with the M12, the Bianchi Tac Holster features an ambidextrous thumb-break retention strap which can be adjusted to different pistols. Currently supported firearms include the Beretta M9 and 92FS, H&K P2000 and USP Compact, Taurus Pt-24/7, as well as four Glock models and five Sig Sauer designs. Black is the only color offered.

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