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What do Police S.W.A.T. teams, military special forces, and FBI hostage rescue teams all have in common? When on mission, members of these elite combat teams all carry their sidearms in a tactical holster.

Most of these tactical holsters are setup as "drop" holsters that are secured to the upper thigh and keep the pistol close at hand for a fast draw in a life-threatening situation. Most are made of synthetic materials that can withstand a lot of abuse, are not effected by water, and can last for years with only minimal amounts of care.

In recent years the number of people looking for a quality tactical holster has risen. Not only are more and more police agencies purchasing them, but the security teams that escort armored trucks around to service ATM machines have been steadily switching over from the standard duty holster to drop down tactical holsters.

Feel free to browse reviews below. If you have recently purchased a tactical holster and find that it has not been reviewed yet, feel free to write a review yourself to share your thoughts on the holster's overall quality and value so that others can know which products are a good buy and which are not.

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