.38 Special

Taurus Model 85 Titanium Pocket Revolver

The Titanium version of the Taurus Model 85 pocket revolver sheds nearly half the weight of the stainless steel original without sacrificing strength and reliability. Features a 5-shot capacity, single-action/double-action trigger setups, rubber combat grips, an integral safety system, and the abili...[Read More]

Taurus Model 85 Ultra-Lite Pocket Revolver

This alloy framed Ultra-Lite version of the famous line of Taurus Model 85 pocket revolvers shaves off almost 25% of the base weight in an attempt to make the gun easier to carry in the pocket and ankle. 5 Round capacity, 2" Barrel, and other features remain the same as the original.

Taurus Model 85 Pocket Revolver

While weighing a few ounces more than its Ultra-Lite brethren, the Taurus Model 85 is still a fast drawing pocket revolver that serves its purpose very well. Comes with a 5-shot capacity cylinder in .38 Special (most are +P rated) matched to a steel frame and a Single-Action/Double-Action trigger.

Colt King Cobra .357 Revolver

The King Cobra is one of Colt's most well-known service revolvers. Chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special with a 6-Shot capacity. Available in one blued and two stainless finishes. The reinforced gun was made with barrels that varied from 2.5" in length up to 8" in length.

Smith & Wesson Model 442 Pocket Revolver

This small double-action-only J-Frame revolver is chambered for .38 Special. Both the aluminum frame and steel chamber are finished in black. The gun holds 5 rounds and the chambers can be loaded manually or in series with the aid of moon clips. This gun is known for its effectiveness as a backup ...[Read More]

Colt Python .357 Service Revolver

Probably Colts most famous service revolver after the original Peacemaker, the Python .357 saw decades of use amongst police forces worldwide. Featuring a reinforced barrel bracketed by a full-length lug and other heavy-duty upgrades. The gun was made to extremely tight tolerances that contributed ...[Read More]

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