24/7 Pro Pistol

Taurus is a Brazilian gun company that manufacturers a wide range of firearms for both export and sale within Brazil's own borders. Shrewd business manuvers, low labor costs, and an excellent marketing program have allowed the company to sell a high-quality product for less than than the competition while still generating a profit.

A quick look at a Taurus cataglog will reveal how closesly many of their guns resemble those of other firearms manufacturers. Their 24/7 line of pistols bear a startling resemblence to Smith & Wesson's own M&P series. Their extensive revolver line also holds close those made by Smith & Wesson.

This similarity should come as no surprise as both Taurus and Smith & Wesson were owned by the same parent company for a number of years during which time design and manufacturing technique information was passed between the two. This alliane existed for seven years, after which time Taurus was sold and the two parted ways.

24/7 Pro Pistol

24/7 Pro Pistol

This is not to say that company fails to bring innovation to the table. On the contrary, most of the guns made by Taurus which are consider "swiped" to one degree or another often receive significan feature upgrades and not just an externall aesthetic glossing over. A good example would be the company's Large Frame series of semi-automatic pistols. These guns are generally considered to be near clones of the Beretta 92FS. Taurus, however, converted the gun to utilize a frame mounted external safety in contrast the the slide-mounted safety of the Beretta which they claim improves overall performance. The company also makes their version of this gun in a myriad of configurations and colors which offers variety to its customer base.

Taurus also produces some pistols which are completely unique to the company. The most famous of these is their Judge line of revovers which are made to fire both a .45 Colt round as well as a .410 shotgun shell. The Judge is so named because of the supposedly high number of judicial magistrates who carry one of these guns into the court room for personal protection.

As is to be expected, the company's pistols and revovlers (especially those considered to be clones) come under fire from the competition as being of inferior quality. Most people in the United States don't have a lot of experience with Brazilian imports other than mangos and banannas and thus many do not know if such a charge should be accepted at face value or not. In order to overcome any quality concerns the company offers a lifetime warranty on all their guns. The company is known to fulfill warranty requests quickly and thus, to some degree, the quality issue has become less of a deterrant to sales.

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