User Rating: 6.5

NOT happy with this handgun. I recently purchased a new S&W 629 stainless revolver with a 5” barrel. Prior to breaking in the revolver at the range, I cleaned and lightly oiled the gun. After the first 12 shots at the range, the cylinder failed to consistently rotate when the hammer was cocked. Sometimes it turned… sometimes it didn’t. Worse, there appears to be excessive lateral gas spray from between the cylinder and the barrel, leading me to believe the cylinder gap may be excessive. I was using standard 240 grain bonded JSP ammo for my break in. I stopped shooting the revolver sensing the cylinder timing might be off a bit. Upon inspection of the unloaded firearm, I noticed a couple of the cylinder slots are slightly enlarged. Also, the bore clearly has some rough spots in it, and one spot in particular that appears to have excess material fused to the bore. I patched-swabbed and brushed the bore lightly with an undersized brush to see if I could remove the excess material, but was unable to do so. My prognosis is that the cylinder timing is slightly off which caused a slight “shaving” of the projectile, of which some got drug through the bore, causing the scouring. I also suspect the cylinder gap may be excessive, adding to the problem. In any case, I have had to return the handgun to S&W, through my local dealer. I suspect S&W will be looking closely at this unit to see if the cylinder and the barrel can be salvaged as well as if the unit can be adjusted so this doesn’t happen again. And I really want to have a gun with a pristine barrel and cylinder… like all my other revolvers. I own numerous Smith & Wesson products purchased over the last 30 years… and have been immensely pleased with the quality of all of them. This revolver is an exception to be sure.

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