Allen Slansky

User Rating: 8.9

I went to buy the new (at that time) XD-series. It was getting great reviews. But it felt all wrong in my hand, blocky grip, I just didn't feel the love. Then the wise salesman showed me the Micro. What a beauty! I took it to the range and didn't shoot it very well, plus it jammed a bit. The salesman worked on my grip, and exchanged a magazine for a Kimber mag. (he had given me a Wilson Combat, and the S/A Micro did not like it, go figure) Back to the range. I'd say it had some growing pains for the first 50 rounds. After that, it has been flawless. I bought a Don Hume IWB holster and was surprised at how flat the Micro stayed to my body. I'd actually forgot I had it on around the house. (I didn't have a CCW yet) I bought the Springfield over the Kimber because of the claims of excellent customer service, which thankfully, I've never needed. If I were to nit-pick, I get some stains in the serrations of the slide that are hard to remove. Little black dots. Rust? Not really. I clean them with an emery board and they clean up. My big complaint is the difficulty in take down and assembly, namely the slide release pin. The first time I attempted to clean it, I swore the takedown pin would not go back in. There are two small pins in the 1911 that protrude from a channel on the grip. One puts tension on the slide release and the other puts tension on the safety. I assume there's a spring between them. But they don't move easily. You cannot push the slide release pin straight back in. You have to sneak up on it. I ended up with the scratch on the frame so common on all 1911's. Now I'll use a card, but it's too late. (Sorry, JMB, bad design)

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