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I own a Baretta 21A. I was going to sell it, as I had excessive failure to feed (FTF) and failure to eject (FTE)problems (see the many complaints on this model in other posts). Am I very glad I didn't sell this excellent little gun. All issues resolved! First: the gun is "somewhat" ammo sensitive. The CCI Stingers and Mini-Mags will work the best. Why? Because they are higher powered ammo! The gun has no extractor. Remember "for every reaction there is an equal opposite reaction?" You have to hold this gun firmly; almost like you're pushing forward to insure the gun won't push you hand back negating the force of ejection. Clean then lubricate it well. I use light gun grease on the rails. You can tell where to use grease from looking at the metal to metal wear marks created by the slide after having fired the gun for a number of rounds. NOW OPERATE THE SLIDE - big difference? I use light oil on the hammer mechanism, and also on the firing pin. I also clean my magazines, and put very light oil on the inside of the magazine - the result - no FTF problems. If I had gotten rid of this gun and later learned the information above I would have been very upset to say the least. It will fire as fast as I can squeeze the trigger as smooth as glass! Again, all issues resolved! Question: Would six (6) 22lr rounds in a perpetrator cause as much tissue trauma as 1 of a larger caliber? Consider: re-sighting (re-aiming) guns with substantial recoil i.e. larger caliber bigger kick; they're more difficult to keep on target. A 22lr can be held on target easily - negligible recoil. Accuracy? Make an effort to keep your front sight on target before, through, and after the break (fire) point! I target shoot this "belly gun" at 50 feet.

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