User Rating: 6.6

I have found that the Titanium is even more trustworthy for +P ammo and is still amazingly lightweight. Unloaded mine reads 14.0 oz., loaded 16.6. I believe they discontinued this model because of Titanium costs but im glad i found mine used WITH the hammer, i love the single action option. One con though is the texture of the titanium, it scratches easily and i find myself trying to rub off light marks ive made, but its still reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and light as heck, great for inside the waistband at 1.3 in. thick. The grip is also quite sturdy and my pinky doesnt mind hanging off, it almost helps with the weight and relieves effort by having a supporting finger underneath the grip instead of just ones "around" it. Yeah its got a kick because of the lightness but it doesnt outweigh never noticing it holding you down on your person, its like a feather! Most guns, when u hold them in a firing position for too long, are strenuous, this gun is not. It has truly made me a fan of the revolver.

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