User Rating: 7.6

The xdm .45 is my 5th handgun and the 3rd chambered in .45. I have run about 1000 rounds through it now and I love it. All the above reviews I agree with very smooth cycling minimal kick and muzzle jump. S&m have really hit a homerun with ergonomics on this one in my opinion every hand and shooter feels a gun just a bit different but the interchangeable backstraps and just the contour overall fits me extremely well. I have learned it's not about price any more it's criteria like ergonomics, mag capacity, quality and availability of parts. To me this one meets mine. I have a glock 21 and sig p220 and in my opinion this is a better overall package to me. The accuracy is probably equal in all 3 and I would put my life behind all 3 also but in my opinion that is where the similarities stop. As stated there is no comparison between the xdm and the glock the quality and feel well surpasses glock. Sig sauer on the other hand I have no quams with it is a high quality gun but you pay for it too and mags and everything else costs more as well. Sig should have done something about their mag capacity a long time ago 8 rounds for a full size 45 is a bit scant I think. My sig is the older German model so I haven't shot one with their new trigger but the xdms trigger blows both the sig and glocks out of the water. Any way I could probably ramble on about this but bottom line I love mine it seems to be about the best mix of price, quality, and all other criteria for me I have yet to talk to any one who has one and complains about anything.

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