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I bought my Taurus 85UL Stainless at a local pawnshop 2 years ago for $299. It is a 2009 model and appeared unfired. The cylinder showed no scraped ring until I started shooting it. I have fired about 500 rounds of a variety of cartridges through it, but have settled on Mag Tec 158gr SJHP. They are cheap enough to use for target and look like a decent defense round. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of one. The 85 has been perfect from day one. I retrofitted it with factory rosewood grips, just because I like them. I was shocked at the kick of a 158 grain round and quickly learned that a TIGHT grip is needed to keep it from injuring the web of my thumb. the wood grips probably contribute a little to the pain. This is my only handgun, but at 7 yards I can consistenly hit a 1" bullseye. I have no plans to try any further than that. I share the same "sticky" cylinder release problem other have noted, but I've never had it completely stick closed. It is so slight I don't even think about it most of the time. It is just there. Last time at the range I had a local sheriff deputy watch me shooting and then inspected my 85, ammo, Galco pocket holster and custom home made lock/display box. During a long discussion he admitted he had been looking at one for his BUG and was finally pretty sold on it. I let him shoot a few loads to convince himself. He was sure he would stick with the rubber grips. I love this gun, carry it all the time, and see no need for any other handgun. I also carry 2 HKS 36 speedloaders that enable me to re-load in about 10 seconds.

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