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I've had my 22A since 1990 (when they came blued with wood grips). Over the years I found it to be reliable with any 'coated' .22LR name brand ammunition. For me, it seems the naked lead was the cause of the stove pipes. I never got a 'jam' (as I would define it), but the spent casing failed to fully eject, so a 'stove pipe', or 'chimney'. I suspect it was that lead built up in the barrel more quickly with the uncoated bullets. Fast forward 15 years to last week. It has sat in its rug in the safe and I have discovered that it fires the first round fine, but the second round does not feed. The first round ejected and cleared without incident. I have purchased a new magazine for it as I strongly suspect that leaving the magazine fully loaded with the spring under tension all those years was not a good thing to do. I haven't had a chance to shoot it, but worst case is I have an extra magazine and a mystery to solve. So, don't fill your magazine to capacity unless you are shooting through the rounds. Leave a little space for the spring so it is not completely compressed for extended periods of time. I also caution against use of this gun by someone who can't at least pull the slide far enough open to clear a stove pipe/chimneyed round. Although the tip-up barrel is great for those with weaker hands, if you can only get one round off and can't clear the slide in case of a misfeed or stove pipe, then this gun may not be a good choice for you. I also have a North American Arms .22 magnum revolver. I find it to be a better pocket pistol because I don't have to fight an awkward safety. I like my 22A to shoot for fun and as a 'drawer gun' (because I don't need the safety that way). For a carry pocket pistol, I prefer the NAA. I also regularly carry a Walther P-5 Compact (9mm) and have recently purchased a Glock 26, which will replace the Walther as my primary carry as it has now become a collectible. YMMV

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