C. Bannecke

User Rating: 9

Bought the Beretta Model 21A from a friend used. Took it out and fired two clips through it and it fired well with out problems. I was not very accurate with it but it is a close range pistol and since this gun is for my wife I think she could defend herself with it. However I took her out a week ago to fire the Beretta and we shot two clips threw it with one jam. I cleared the weapon and she finished the clip. The third clip the slide locked back with the hammer in firing position. As she handed it over to me to clear it fired ! The trigger was locked back and the gun was very unsafe. I cleared the Beretta and we reloaded the clip and the gun continued to lock back and malfunction. The ammunition I fired through the Beretta was Remingtons Golden .22LR. I looked it up on the internet and saw where several folks said it was dirty ammunition and they had problems with it in automatic rifles and pistols. I've taken the gun to a gun smith to get his take and for him to clean it. I think the recommendations prior are probably correct. You need to shoot quality high powered ammunition and clean firing quality ammunitions. One of the reasons I do not like automatic's is they can fail at the worst times due to being dirty. My carry is an 8 Shot .22Mag revolver and it funcitons and fires.

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