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As a collector I always told my friends that if Colt ever produced a .44 magnum revolver I would be in line to buy it.My dream came true when I aqquired a brand new Colt Anaconda in 1991.I use Federal 240 grain hollow point ammo in this weapon and it is extremely accurate.There is very little recoil due to the heavy 8 inch lugged barrel so if a second shot is actually needed you are right back on target instantly..44 specials are really great also.The bright stainless steel finish is easy to maintain with silver polish. I have fired about 160 rounds through this weapon since purchase.And it just gets better.I used it once to discourage a home invasion and the criminal was so intimidated by the sight of it he could not run fast enough.It is simply the finest handgun ever produced by Colt.It is the Rolls Royce of large Cal revolvers.

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