User Rating: 6.3

I purchased this pistol several weeks ago and had the opportunity to fire it yesterday...this pistol is awesome...fired ~100 rounds, with no problems took me several rounds to get used to the trigger pull, as it had literally no resistance and the first time I thought I had pulled the trigger all the way and then it fired, and the reset was soooo close. After getting used to the trigger pull, I worked on my accuracy and had a 3-5 inch grouping at 15 yards, which I thought was pretty good considering this was the first time I had fired this particular pistol...recoil was not an issue and I was able to quickly get back on target...I have ordered the pearce magazine extenders and will install them on the magazines for a more secure grip although none was experienced when I fired the weapon. This Taurus pistol is well made and a great buy for the money...I will replace this as my concealed carry with a little more practice. I purchased an IWB Uncle Mike's size 12 holster, and it fits like a glove..I am very happy with this product and recommend it...By the way this is my first Taurus and will purchase more in the future.. a well made fun gun to have.

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