Charles Hall

User Rating: 7.5

Springfield XD-45 acp, 4" barrel, black/black, : I have had mine for about 4 years now, and still have nothing negative to say about it. It was about $60 less expensive than the Glock 17 I had purchased in 1999. The first thing I noticed when I started shooting it was the smooth trigger pull. I am used to shooting DAO autos [ Kel-Tec & Glock ], but the lighter trigger pull on the XD-45 gave me incredible accuracy with it during my first 2 magazines. Oh, the magazines - very high quality, stainless [or nickel-plated?], 13 round capacity, and I think mine came with 3 of them. Mine came with the XD gear kit, which included the magazines, a belt carrier for 2 of them, a decent holster, and a cleaning kit, all in a nice plastic case. Since .45acp is more expensive than 9mm ammo, I don't pour as many rounds through it as I might otherwise, but I think it has seen around 600 rnds. without any malfunctions. Probably 200 of those rnds. were with a tactical light attached. It is simple to take apart for cleaning, the finish seems very durable, and I don't mind wearing it in dusty conditions. I haven't carried it concealed - only on my hip while hiking and riding ATV's. It is comfortable there in the factory supplied holster, and even with 14 rounds of .45, is not overly heavy. I may end up buying an XD9. I am certainly a fan.

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