Colt New Agent crimson trace is an all business pistol that exceeds all expectations

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Colt New Agent crimson trace is an all business pistol that exceeds all expectations.

I purchased a new agent and while at the gun shop they wiped the light oil off and I went straight into there range. Let me tell you the crimson trace was dead on perfect from the factory and blew the center out of the target with the first 7 shots, and I never had to adjust the sight. Second I had a 38 special with me as well and the 38 recoil was more than the Colt New Agent compact 1911 recoil. The grooves in the trigger allow me personally to have incredible trigger control as the laser does not move as much during the shot. The fit and finish is amazing. This pistol is an all business machine. Its not all fancy polished out or anything. Its a solid looking and feeling pistol that performs exactly as it should. It feels better in my hand than the Kimber Ultra Carry 2. Yes both pistols are very similar but the Colt feels more solid to me. It shoots perfect with little recoil and consistent. Colt hit a home run. By the way the trench sights are no problem at all.

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