Dennis Hartman

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The review does have some errors. The Python was made in a 38 Special target version. Have seen one in 41 mag but not sure if this was a factory gun. It was also offered in an E Nick (electrolysis nickel) finish. This is a somewhat rare finish as not alot of them were produced. I own one of these in 8" version, 1981 production. Part of superior accuracy can be attributed to the "bank vault lock up" when trigger is pulled cylinder will lock up to absolutely no play. This revolver also has a very slight taper to the bore which contributes to its stunning accuracy. I love this gun like a little brother, it is argueably the finest production revolver ever made, sorry Smith fans but the truth hurts, a performance center Smith comes close however. Shoot one and it will likley remove any doubts about my ramble. At the time of this writing they are getting very expensive but there are many for sale NIB if you know where to look. Paid $800 for mine in the 90's wish I would have bought the 6" NIB one he had as well.

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