User Rating: 8.7

Bought mine for $240 (blued). I bought this to replace a Ruger LCP. First 2 times at the range I began having feed problems after about 60 rounds. Cleaning seemed to correct the issue. Third time at the range, the magazine started falling out after almost every round. I call Kel Tec and they sent a new mag release and spring. Mag problems were fixed, but immediately had fte issues after almost every round. Called Kel Tec again and they sent a new extractor. I also polished the feed ramp. Seems much better. Shot about 40 rounds today and only one fte. I've fired about 200 rounds through this pistol so far, so the break in period may not be over yet. Pistol is accurate. I really like this pistol and the customer service from Kel Tec is great. No cost for the parts or shipping. It does seem to prefer 124 gr ammo. Re-assembly is tricky until you do it a few times. Right now I don't have a lot of confidence in this pistol, but more range time may help provided I have no more issues. I'll give it another 200 rounds and if I continue to have problems, I'll find something else.

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