User Rating: 6.5

I bought my 629 Classic in 8 3/8 barrel length in 1994. Had a lot of fun with it at the range, shooting out to 200 yards and more. If the light was right, you could see the bullets lobbing out there (at least I could then). The quality and accuracy of this gun is excellent. The trigger pull is crisp and light - under 3 pounds. I have shot quite a few 300-grain bear loads through it and it still works like new. My favorite load is probably a 300 grain Hornady XTP in front of Hornady H 110. I shot a large deer with this load from 30 feet, quartering into its chest, and the bullet went out near the flank, for a penetration of about 3'! Needless to say, the deer did not get far. I have a number of Ruger revolvers also, and while they may be stronger, my 629 looks better IMO and has proven it can repeatedly fire heavy loads, accurately and reliably. The only thing I don't really like is the bright plastic insert on the front sight, but replacements are readily available. The stainless steel is low-maintenance and easy to clean. Took it with me moose/bear hunting in Alaska and while I shot my moose with a rifle, I knew my 629 would serve me well if need be, even in the frequent rain. I would higly recommend this six-gun. Fun to shoot in double-action once in a while too, although your accurate rate of fire won't be that high!

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