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I bought my 357 service in 2005. It is my USPSA production and IDPA ESP gun of choice. Fixed sights are dead on and POA is right there. The barrel is of the better quality for a mass produced gun. I polished the ramp removing the tooling marks, leaving a mirror finish, and polished the large part of the chamber. Do not remove more than .0002 from the ID and none from the shoulder area, as this is where the round headspaces. I left the throat alone. A little polish on the other engagement surfaces and that is all. The gun runs and runs no matter what I feed it. The bottleneck design helps with feeding and has a level of reliability no straight wall cartridge can have. The FCG is a little more complicated than a Glock and is really a super safe single action. I like the feel of the stock trigger some do not it is what it is. The 40 cal mags work reliably in it. The round is a handloaders dream. It has a wide range of loads 90gr-147gr. Magnum 125 @ 1475 or 130 000 power factor IDPA ammo @ 1075, no spring change. The 125@ 1475 is a published load and will take a deer at 30 yards. All in all this is one of my favorite hand guns. Durable, powerful, reliable, and comfortable to shoot. The only real downfall is the avaiblity of parts. Springfield has the best CS and will fix it without hesitation, but I rather fix my own guns.

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