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I own a Tactical model that is m has the LEmarking and it sings perfect.. I'm able to stay right along side guys with 1911's,SIG220's,etc. as far as the gun goes.. I loVE IT.. its a 45.. on a 9mm frame.. am I mean literally its the same bottom end in grip size ,obviously slide rails themselves are bigger on the 45. but the grip is identical.. I love it and I carry it faithfuly everyday with Winchester Silvertip 185gr HP's.. its accurate and Not to mention.. 5 Police aginces are carrying 45GAP alot are carrying Glock37/38 Just because it allows the 45 knockdown (yes ballistics are on par or better in some cases) in the 9mm size frame. and when compared to 1911.. well it carries 9+1 so 10 in a singlestack smallframed 45..IS UNHEARD OF.

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