User Rating: 8.6

Bought mine used at a Las Vegas firearms show. Pristine condition polished stainless steel. Very well built pistol mine has a 4" barrel with standard red ramp front sight and adjustable black rear notch. Long smooth DA trigger with clean break (just a bit of creep, roughness) at the point where the hammer falls. The SA pull is exactly 3 lbs and it breaks like glass. I have a Python and the SA pull is equal in smoothness to that. The only gripe I had/have is the POS grips supplied mine came apart shortly after my purchase. Replace with a Hogue Monogrip and everything was now perfect. 25 yards off the bench with Federal JHP 158grn I can easily hold a 3" group cylinder after cylinder. .38 match I can usually get under 2" at 25 yards though they shoot lower on the target. I don't mind the cylinder release it is easy to use and positive, cylinder fully shrouds the caseheads and the underlug really helps balance. Ejections rod will completely extract a .357 case so fast reloading can per done. Other than the crappy factory grip the only other issue is the bright stainless steel is hard to keep clean, powder residue, fingerprints, and sweat all cling to the surface. I'm still looking for a better way to keep it clean and scratch free besides some hope's 9 and a brillo pad.

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