User Rating: 7.4

Just got the RO in the retail kit with hard case, holster, mag pouch, two mags, bore brush, and a whole ream of documentation for Christmas. Wife surprised me with it. Ran 7 mags through it the day after Christmas and really like the gun. Fit, finish, and appearance is top-drawer. Functioning was flawless. Trigger is very crisp! I tried only Federal 230gr hardball and Winchester "Ranger" 175gr prefragmented ammo. Excellent accuracy with both, but the lighter projectiles grouped a little higher at 25 yds. All shots were clustered below the bullseye at first. I adjusted the point of impact up by 7 clicks, and was dead on the money after that. After I was done punching paper, three empty soup cans from the recycle bin tried to rush me! I went through a 7 rd mag in a hurry resulting in three dead cans with thumb-sized holes through their worthless hides. Can wait to try some wadcutter target rounds in this pretty 1911. Wife did good!

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