James K. Morris Jr.

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I want to share a few words for all readers, men and women. I have my own security comp. We work armed and unarmed. I have all of my certifications in armed, o.c. spray instructor with Defense Technology, and Armor Holdings, ASP Batons, PPSB Instructor for unarmed. I attend the state armed training classes in N.C. to help and assist master firearmed trainers. When on duty, my life is on the line, with my 21sf, .45, 230gr. Ranger T. I have trained with glocks 40cal, 9mm, and .45s with custom kimber, and sig new tac-ops 1911's. They are easy to hold and shoot. Night sights are a plus. Bottom line: They Work all the time. I shoot two time per week, and shoot the required format by the state and all law inforcement. This will help you, and learn to shoot with both hands. Bottom line: Glocks work, shoot good quality amon and You want go worng with any of glocks firearmes. Trust your life with one. BE SAFE, KM

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