User Rating: 7.4

have had my ro for about 8 months now. love it. carry it concealed everyday in a shoulder rig or in my backpack. just to heavy for the pants. I have hit shots with it that im not even gonna post the distances cause a lot of you will think Im full of crap. adustable sights are great, just takes some rounds to dail you into your gun. easy to break down,easy to clean. nice and simple, but absolutly effective. we should have a 1911 on our flag without that platform we might would be speaking german right now..REALLY. cant beat the price. most consistent gun i have ever used. stays on traget shot after shot after shot. Springfield really hit the mark. I would suggest that anyone looking for a powerful handgun go to the RO and load up. It doesnt get any better, why spend another grand or so for a name.. best gun on the market

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