Jerry N

User Rating: 6.3

My Tomcat is new. I've only shot 50-100 rounds thru it and its been terrible. A lot of FTF problems. I've tried Fiocci hollow points and it gets jammed and wont feed after1 or 2 shots. Privvi ammo (also hollow points) are better but not much. Its frustrating since I also own a Bobcat (.22 LR) and I absolutly love it. Everything about the Bobcat is fabulous, which is why I eagerly bought the Tomcat (for the larger caliber). I emailed Beretta asking them to recommend a specific type of ammo but have not received a reply. Can anyone out there tell me what works in their Tomcat? HELP !!!! I'll keep trying other ammo and even a new magazine but I think this gun is on my "short" list.

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