Jesse James

User Rating: 8.7

Just got mine yesterday and took it from the store to the range. Recoil is a lot less than I expected, I get more recoil from my LC9 and BG380 than this from the point of re-acquisition error. I found the gun to be very accurate even without adjusting the sights. It is a manly sized gun, I have gorilla sized hands and this gun parks in them like a glove. Single action is a little light for what I am used to, see I live in MA and guns here are sold with at least 10lbs trigger pull :-). Double action is what I expected and easy smooth trigger at that. I feel this gun is built like a tank, the .44 Mag cartridge is no toy and this gun appears to handle it perfectly. Nice size, nice weight and good performance. I would not dream of CCing this behemoth, I will need to research how Harry Callahan did it LOL.

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