JIm Mullin

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Glock makes three models in 357 sig caliber.The service pistol is the Glock31 with a 4.5 " barrel.The compact is the Glock 32 with 4" barrel.The model 33 is the subcompact with 3.5" barrel.The Glock 32 is the 357 pistol that would fit most people's hands the best.Even small hands would prefer it to the G33.The G32 splits the difference between the G31 and G33.The 357 sig caliber is actually a 9mm but it was named the 357 to illustrate it's purpose for existing.In most 125 gr loadings the 357 sig from a 4" barrel approximates 1350 fps muzzle velocity.Some ammo makers add a little more powder and take it to 1450 fps,( the same as a 357 magnum 125 gr loading )What you have in the G32 is comfortably sized ,very reliable,durable,easy to field strip,accurate,light weight 13 shot pistol that is reasonably easy to conceal.It is a 13+1 ( G31 15 shot magazines fit the G32 )357 magnum eqivalent.For maximum concealability it dissappears in a belly band holster even under a tee shirt.In a holster it will hide under an untucked shirt.All glocks meet NATO standards for a military service pistol and can digest a constant diet of +P loads.I once had a Glock and an XD pistol in a range bag in the trunk of my car.I came upon a turn that i had to make but noticed it just in time.I made the turn and i could hear the two pistols collide in the trunk.The Glock had no mark on it,the XD,a big scratch,through the "melonite" coating into the metal itself.The Glock is a tested weapon.Some 60% of American law enforcement pistols are Glocks.The G32 is a perfect size for a carry gun.The cartridge that it fires is more powerful than a 9mm+p++ round.You can't do much better than a 14 shot 357 magnum.

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