JIm Mullin

User Rating: 6.9

I would say that a good reason to carry an XD concealed is that it so many safety features.If you're worried that the gun might go off under your shirt,stop worrying,the grip safety and trigger safety will stop that.On some 45ACPs there is also a manuel safety.I like this pistol a lot but my only "complaint" is that the finish of both the Stainless and the black guns scratch too easily.They get holster wear easy too.while the finish on my Glocks look like new,my XDs have little scratch marks from going in and out of mostly kydex type holsters.As far as the 357 SIG goes DON'T LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS OR GUN SALESMEN.They seem to have a hatred of anything new.They will always steer you to the 9 or the 45.The 9 for cheaper ammo and less kick and the 45 for it's KNOCKDOWN POWER!!!!! The 357 SIG in the right loadings EQUALS the ballistics of a 357 magnum.In the XD you get 12+1. ( Springfield should correct this and design the 357 SIG XD magazine with 15+1 rounds like Glock and Smith and Wesson )Numbers on one shot stop shootings by police departments are showing an over 90% one shot stop rate. Full power ammo is available online.Online ammo costs less,most of the time than store bought.Most of the "elite" federal police agencies are switching over to the 357 SIG.Most people who will put down this cartridge have never fired one.I own three 357 SIG caliber pistols.The XD is a very SAFE gun to carry ( for those who worry about accidental discharges ). I recommend this combination.

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