John Palota

User Rating: 8.6

I have a blued version so I would guess its one of the earlier models. as far as Durability I have put some stiff loads through her without a Problem. I handload and through the chronograph today I had 165 grain loads using Speer Gold dots, Starline Brass trimmed, Flash hole deburred and used Winchester Large Pistol Primers and 14.8 grains of AA#9 a little heavier than max in speer manuels but worked them up 2 grains at a time and got an Honesy 1388 fps through the Chrono with a 5" BBL DE. I love it so much now I'm looking for a Gold cup Elite in 10mm and get rid of my Para Ordenance. PXT 1911 SSP with a lot of tricks added and a VERY accurate Gun from the Match Barrel Down. If your wondering between a Glock Plastic fantastic, Fantastic because she lasted as long as they have. I'll give them some loads that will give then a 2 piece barrel and put the same round in my delta and want to keep shooting the same load. Sure you can shoot target ammo without a hitch in a Glock but a friend of mine had his back to glock for numerous problems and finally sold it and went with a Delta Elite and no Problems since. If I'm going to use the weapon for a trail gun than I want a gun that will Take down 2 legged preditors or 4 if nessesary and with the Delta and my Loads worked up slowly DON"T TRY !$>* OF #( UNLESS YOU START AT 13.5 AND WORK UP at .2 grain intervals watching pressure signs like Primers, Hard Extraction and make sure you put a new Wolf recoil Spring for safty with a Buffer for extra parts safty. But you'll never be sorry you went with a Colt as Colts Hold their value Glocks do not.I love my Delta and I'm sure the numbers will show Colts are the better gun. BUY AMERICAN thats why jobs are scarce because of forign imports. Lets Get the U.S.A. back on the map

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