John W

User Rating: 8.1

I am left handed and was looking for a more ambidextrous pistol, when a sheriff friend let me try his XD45 at the range. My first shot took out the x in the bull at 7yds. Natural point of aim was spot on for me. I now own both a XD45 Tactical and XD45 Compact which are now my preferred carry guns in a ThreatSolutions UCR IWB holster which conceals the large frame pistol very nicely and is super comfortable for all day carry. The pistols are accurate, controllable and reliable. Only downside is you can pinch your palm on a rapid mag change with full size mags in compact frame if you use the plastic sleeve, and the factory sights seem to be stomped in with a 200 ton press, so order with the sights you want or find a 'smith that knows what they are doing. I needed to do this after futile attempt to self-install some Tritium sights.

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