User Rating: 7.1

Review applies to S&W 629 "classic" full underlug, 6.5 in barrel and CTC laser grip. This is a huge handgun, really too big for concealment and overpowered for urban personal defense -- a full magnum round is quite likely to go right through the bad do-er and take out a couple of innocent folks in the background. Not for a new handgunner, but with the proper ammunition probably the smallest handgun to reliably stop a charging bear (if you've practiced enough and can control the gun). Well made, iron sights took minor adjustment out of the box, and the CTC laser required 1/8 of a turn windage adjustmet to put it on the money at 50 ft. With it's considerable weight (about 3.2 lb loaded) and heavy front end, it's a great shooter, but firing hot magnum rounds (such as Speer 280 gr jacketed soft point) you can definitely tell something serious happened when it goes off. The full underlug helps control flip, the gun's mass soaks up a lot of the recoil, and the relatively long barrel effectively converts the magnum round's powder charge into velocity and energy . . . but after 25 rounds or so of "bear grade" ammunition you'll probably be in the mood to take a break. . . .

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