Keith Dummer

User Rating: 7

I've had my M&P 40 cal for two years now. I've only fired 500 rounds from it but I can tell you this: I've never felt a more comfortable, user-friendly gun ever!! My "shooting buddy has four handguns including a 45 Glock and a 9mm Glock. Both excellent guns. But my M&P feels more controllable and smoother than the Glocks. It just FEELS like it's a part of me!! The trigger action is butter smooth and the gun is faster than the operator. Really. I would rate this pistol as being one of the FINEST semi=autos around!! Sigs. Glocks. Taurus. Doesn't matter. World class gun. If I was in the military, this is what I'd carry. Thank-you Smith and Wesson for making such a great firearm !! Proudly made in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!

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