L. Horn

User Rating: 6.7

I own the Lightweight Champion Operator model. If I could build a 1911 from scratch, it would end up being this pistol. I'll start off by listing the one problem I had with it, which was that it really didn't like to feed hollow points right out of the box. I sent it directly into S.A. and they re-cut and polished the barrel ramp and reemed the chamber and I haven't had a single feeding issue since then. The 32.oz weight and 4.25" barrel makes for a very nice and relatively compact package compared to full sized 1911's. I did an accuracy comparison between this pistol, a Kimber Ultra-Carry Pro+, a S&W 1911PD (which is basically the S&W verison of this 1911, except it lacks a light rail), a S&W M&P compact w/ 4" barrel, and a S.A. Loaded Combat model, all chambered in .45 cal. From ranges of 7, 10, 15, and 25 yds, this was hangs down the most accurate with its big fat match grade bull barrel. At 15 yds and closer, this pistol can put a whole mag through one ragged hole of about an inch and a half, off hand. The trigger is as close to "breaking like a glass tube" as I've felt from the factory. The nigth sights are quite a bit brighter than those on the M&P, and the rail seems to be cut more precisely so things fit more snuggly on it. Something I don't understand, but won't complain about, is that the Lightweight Champion model is in the $800 range (mine was $805) and the normal full-sized Operator is in the $1,300 range, even though they both have all the same features, the only diffence being the alloy frame and shorter barrel, which doesn't seem to hurt accuracy at all. Anyway, awesome pistol. I would completely recommend getting one for yourself if you are able to find one. I've never seen one other than the one I bought, so they are kind of few and far between. Hope this helped.

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