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Not rating this specifically, however ... for any ladies looking to get a larger caliber handgun ... here is my wife's review of the XD-M. Wife has been thinking about getting a handgun and taking a CCW class. Possibly getting a permit. Yeah, pretty sexy stuff if you ask me. So I made sure we dropped by the local gun shop ASAP to let her handle some of the different styles, models and sizes. She didn't like the feel of smaller frame hand-guns, ... she actually likes how the XD-M's feels in her small hands. Once we decided what Type/Frame/Size she wanted, we then talked about caliber. - revolver or semi-auto (semi-auto) - size/model/style (XD-M) - 9mm/40/45 After all the discussion her decision came down to 4 things. 1. She felt more secure/safer with a larger handgun an the grip of the XD fells comfortable and secure in her smaller hands. 2. She really likes all the Safety Features of the XD's. 3. She asked me if she had to use the gun to defend herself, which caliber would I want her to be using in an emergency. 4. She has no intention of Concealed Cary all the time, but rather have it as a purse-carry once in awhile, or when traveling. Otherwise she'll probably Open-carry Her final choice (not my choice, but her choice that she paid for with her own money) is a XD-M .45, in the 3.8 configuration. If she ever wants to trade to a smaller CCW I'd be quite proud to carry this XD. In the mean time, I'll keep my Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec. Notes: ! Nobody laughs are her for carrying a "girlie" gun. ! It will shoot the same reloads I shoot. Win. Win.

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