Mack Greer

User Rating: 6.9

I can speak to the 442's sibling the 642. The 642 is a challenging weapon to shoot but well worth the effort to master. My sample is easily able to do any thing asked of it. I suspect fired from a ransom rest it would easily print a 3to 4 inch group. You tube is filled with 85 to 100 yard shots on gongs and one gallon water jugs. This does not mean that the beginner or average shooter will find it easy to shoot. Trigger pull is not as heavy as you may have heard but muzzle blast and recoil can be sharp. Further if a shooter is not careful about his grip the cylinder release can draw blood and my trigger finger had a rough spot from rubbing on the frame. In my limited observation this weapon will last most of us a life time. Aluminum alloys and stainless steal have been used in firearms for 50 years. The weapon has established itself as a near perfect balance between conceal-ability and control-ability. There are smaller guns but they are harder to manipulate and easier to fumble. My pistol disappears in a pocket. For 300 dollars I purchased a weapon that I know will work in a proven caliber. That is a screaming deal!

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