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About two years ago i bought an almost new S&W Sigma 9 from a friend of mine for $200 (ANY working semi auto is worth $200, right?). After dumping 4 magazines through it with two jams and a failure to group anything tighter than 11" i literally threw it un-holstered into a kitchen drawer and thought, "well, if i am making some ice cream when the Marauders show up, better to have something to shoot with in every room..." Needless to say, My future with S&W semi autos was sketchy at best after that. When another friend of mine was bragging on his M&P9 i thought he'd lost his marbles... Totally my bad. After shooting his (for longer than he wanted i'm sure) i was hooked. Had my own within 4 days. Far and away, the absolute BEST pistol in my arsenal.... Period!! Superior in every way to every other tactical pistol I've ever laid my eyes or hands on... FLAWLESS!!!!!!!

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