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I was looking to replace my Beretta model 70 (New Puma) with something stouter than the Beretta's .32 ACP. I wanted a pistol that would conceal well in very light Summer Time clothing. I wanted something I could carry safely in my pocket (with a pocket holster), and still have enough clout to get the job done while not breaking the bank. After looking in a few shops, I found a stainless steel Taurus model 85 chambered in .38 Special plus P that was as close to 100% as you can get. I took it down to the range, and ran a hundred rounds through it without any issues. It shoots accurately, and seems to like everything I can feed it. It's very comfortable to shoot, good front post sight makes for good target acquisition, and low felt recoil with a good feeling finger groove grip. It's become my daily Summertime carry pistol, and I also use it when I'm taking a quick run to the store, and don't want to take the time to run the belt through one of my bigger pistol's holster. I've been carrying it off, and on for six months now, and have gotten quite comfortable with it. I've since run four or five hundred rounds through it, and it continues to perform flawlessly. All in all, this is a lot of value for the dollars spent. I'd strongly recommend this revolver to anyone who is looking for a light weight, highly concealable pistol for light clothing carry.

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