Mike Brady

User Rating: 7.8

Bought the Bobcat new three weeks ago in 22 cal to carry as my concealed piece. I've fired approx 100 rounds through it and has not yet, even once, made it through a full clip w/o a jam. Jams every time. Better w some ammo than with others, but regardless, a gun this finicky is not suitable for its single intended purpose ---Concealed personal defense. I can't even imagine anyone really relying upon this pistol for self defense. Baretta needs to improve on this design significantly or drop it from their line. It has already been back twice to the gun dealer (Baretta Rep) and no significant improvement can be detected. I managed to talk a gun show patron last week in tulsa out of buying this pistol (He was just in the final seconds of making his deal). I sure wish someone had done that for me. Brass hangs in slide. Slide rises out of track. Thumb safety is VERY hard to actuate. Jams are hard to clear. Spent shell sometimes stays in chamber. Tipping up of barrel for first round also assumes a handy loose cartridge providentially emerging clean and dry from the pocket lint and finding its way into the chamber followed by barrel back down, locked in place, all at the proper instant. I have also had it "click" on perfectly good rounds w/o firing. Removed the "dented" round, put it in my Ruger Or my Henry Lever action rifle and it fired just fine. The gun is as cute as a Chocolate Lab Puppy, but not nearly as lovable or anxious to please its owner.

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