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I only own one handgun. A Beretta 96FS 40SW which I've had for 15 years. Previous experience was qualifying with and carrying the M1911 in Vietnam. I purchased the XD9 subcompact for concealed carry and could not be happier with it. It's reliability is superb, and like law enforcement folks who have reviewed this weapon; I will trust my life on it's reliability. I test fired this against the Glock 26, the Beretta PX4 Storm sub, and the S&W MD9. Like the ergonomics best among these guns. That is my opinion as it's difficult to quantify feel. I did find this patterned significantly better than the others fired at 7 and 15 yds. I attributed this mostly to the steady feel and the smooth trigger pull, as I used my setup ritual on all 4. I also fired the same 9mm premium ammo in all 4. I doubt if most people will go this far in comparing, and don't feel you need to. You can certainly get a sense of "feel" at the gun counter without firing. I feel the other guns rank high in reliablity, safety, accuracy and value. I feel comfortable recommending this firearm solely on the basis of ergonomics. Good shooting everyone.

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