Robert Baker

User Rating: 8.5

I bought the 4 inch version of the 500 S&W about four years ago. While I was waiting for the gun to arrive I did extensive reading about loads, bullets, reloading and shooting done by others. I reload all my ammo for economy and quality reasons. I have put in excess of 1200 rounds down range with this gun. Early articles talked about an erratic pressure problem with the 500. The solution to the erratic pressure problem was published as using a rifle primer. Starline made cases designed for the rifle primer so I use only those cases. I decided that low power loads (for the 500) was the starting point. I used a published load of 10 grains of Unique behind a 350 grain bullet. When I shot the gun the first time I loaded one round in the cylinder. There were reports of potential doubling with this gun due to recoil and poor grip. When the gun went off I was surprised. there was very low recoil. I worked up to full power 350 grain bullet loads using H110 and W296. I felt that the gun had a respectable recoil with hunting loads but not excessive. I never did have any problem with the cylinder unlocking which could lead to doubling. Full power hunting loads worked very well for me. I easily shot 50 to 100 rounds per session. I have used a very firm grip with big bore revolvers for twenty years. I developed a modified weaver grip keeping all of my fingers well behind the cylinder--barrel gap. I am right handed and keep all my thumbs LOW to avoid the cylinder release or the slide. I DO NOT WRAP MY OFF HAND AROUND THE BACK OF THE GUN. I use the same grip with automatic pistols. Keeping the second thumb along side the gun avoids getting cut by the slide. I use enlarged grips with no extension behind the grip frame. The enlarged grip is to provide a wide smooth surface for the web of my hand. By way of comparison I have shot the Savage Striker and the XP 100 both in 308. If there was no muzzle break turned on when the gun was fired both of these guns had me ready to quit after about 20 rounds.

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