User Rating: 8.5

I can tell you, that based on the other reviews, I paid considerably more for my Range Officer than all others. I paid $900 plus change, but, that having been said, it is worth that and more!!! I gave up the .40 cal S&W Sigma, that I was carrying, for what I have really wanted for years!!!! I fired it last weekend, at my local range, and only had to make some minor elevation adjustments to the rear sight. This weapon is dead on!!!! I am also pleasantly surprised with the comfortable recoil!!!! That added weight, I am sure, absorbs most of it. Bottom line, I love this 1911, and it is by far more accurate than those we had available, back in the late 60's/early 70's when I was in the Marine Corps. Congrats Springfield, this weapon is a WINNER!!!!!

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