Scott Frey

User Rating: 7.3

I just bought a used Tomcat 32 and absolutely love it! I am new to handguns and CCW and this fits the bill for everything I wanted in a first CCW. The tip up barrel feature is great in that I can hold a full mag in the gun, without one in the chamber for safer carry...but, simply dropping a round in the barrel allows me to be ready if needed without the worry of forgetting to rack the slide in a sudden situation. Also, when carrying with one in the chamber, the extra protection of the safety feature is great for a first-timer like me. Fits the wallet holsters great and its not seen at all. A friend and I just put 100 rounds thru it at 6-7 yards with no problems with any of the ammo, and the grouping was the diameter of a soda can. And though it has a long pull on the first shot, the remainder of the rounds take little effort against the trigger to get the shot off. And its so incredibly easy to take apart to clean. Absolutely love it! ( its got my Ruger LCP beat hands down! )

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