User Rating: 9

I went to my local gun shop to buy a Glock in .40 cal. I was talked into the Smith & Wesson M&P. The sales guy swore that if I did not like the Smith & Wesson after two weeks he would buy it back with his own money. I went to my local indoor pistol range with my M&P and rented a Glock to compare. The Smith & Wesson felt better in my hand and fired just as well as the Glock. I did have one misfire with my M&P but after 200 rounds it was probably just the cheap range Blazer ammo I was shooting. I am still a Glock fan but kept my Smith & Wesson M&P as my one home defense pistol. The state I live in does not allow concealed carry so concealability is not a concern of mine. Overall great gun, easy to field strip and clean and if you want to spend $400 plus you can replace the spring with a laser sight and also use the rail to mount a light.

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