Slow-Shooter 2013

User Rating: 6.5

I owned Two Tarus 85's since 2011, due to one reason or another I had to get rid of them. One was old (very old) that the serial number came up as made in 1980's when contacted Taurus Firearms. It was of Nickel plated, and did not shoot "+P" bullets. I traded it in for another T-85 Stainless Steel and the gun preformed extremely well with little problem after a timing issue was corrected at Taurus in Florida. I kept the gun in one of several places throughout the home with other firearms (handguns). On may 12, 2013, I purchased my third 85. This one is a Ultra lite. If it resembles the past ones, I am sure I would get my money's worth from the handgun. I know Taurus, and I know the quality, customer service, and warranty behind the gun that Taurus stands and works behind. I am sure I will be happy and proud of the weapon. I am planning to use it in a location close to the front door of the house, and I am sure it will be dependable!!!

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