User Rating: 7.5

I looked at both the Ruger GP100 and the Taurus 65. The only real difference between them is that the fit and finish on the Ruger is a little better, has adjustable sights and it feels a bit more hefty. In CA I bought the Taurus for 399 instead of the GP at 599 (the S&W was 899) IMHO the ruger was quite nice but NOT worth the extra cash. I also like that the Taurus was a matte SS finish (kess shine and less fingermarks) The one and only thing so gar that I kind of dont like on the taurus us the barrel protrusion inside the wheel housing. The Ruger does this better IMO. That all said... I would bang the taurus around much more that a ruger or S&W It's a "working" gun not a "shelf sitter" You wouldnt wanna bang up your 1000.00 S&W as much as a 399 Taurus.. Not to mention there is no fear of your sights getting smacked out of whack.. Taurus is an excellent buy..

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